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The Value of Connections

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Nurturing the Old Connections & Making New Ones

You never know who can help if you don't express what you need! I am a big proponent of looking within your current circle for support and resources because it's your family and friends that can help connect you to new people and new opportunities.

It's important to nurture those relationships versus when we just need something—you don't want to be the person that's always taking—you also want to be able to give back. Invest in the connection so you can both benefit from the relationship. Calling to check in, saying happy birthday, or asking about their day is something special we all can appreciate!

How we treat people mirrors what comes back to us—so treat others how you want to be treated! You never know what impact you can have on someone. Be kind to everyone because you never know who or when you will need someone.

When I started my entrepreneurship journey and got over the fear and could express I was taking the leap, people were there—people I would least expect it; people I was kind to, people that reciprocated positive energy, and people that were cheerleaders.

I wasn't expecting people to be so compassionate and helpful on my journey. It goes back to the relationships you create with others and continuing to nurture those connections.

Nurturing Your Connections

Showing gratitude to those we care about or those who have helped us is invaluable! You never know how far a small gift or a handwritten note will go.

And importantly, don't forget to pay it forward. Use your own network to help others! I appreciate those who have supported me on my journey, so I refer clientele to them when possible.

How We’re Creating Community: The Commit to Thrive Brunch Series

When I saw the response from the Commit to Thrive Retreat Brunch attendees, they genuinely enjoyed themselves—and took time for themselves! People are ready to connect with like-minded people, and our Commit to Thrive: Women in Leadership Brunches do that. Because we've been going through the pandemic and wanting to reconnect with individuals, I saw the real need for connection and wanted to continue doing my part in supporting that.

Remember, you can have it all, but you just can't do it all by yourself. We need connections and relationships along the way—and participants can walk away with the knowledge to apply new information to their lives to further themselves or their careers.

Gaining new knowledge and connections is critical—but having a circle of supportive relationships that will empower you to execute can make all the difference.

Creating that community means consistency, which is why our Commit to Thrive: Women in Leadership Brunches are quarterly! We're creating a space for people to continue connecting and sharing their stories and resources.

Over time your network can grow more than you could ever imagine! These high-level connections can help create and connect you to the right opportunities and people while expanding your wealth, skills, and knowledge.

If you're ready to strengthen your current relationships with other women and create new ones with those looking to grow in a strong community—make sure to register for the Commit to Thrive: Women in Leadership Brunches! The first one is on Sep 17, 2022, at Dooky Chase's Restaurant in New Orleans.

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