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Trust your intuition and success will follow

Myla Reese Poree

Entrepreneur, Author, Mom and Motivational Coach

Hi, I'm Myla Poree! The founder of MRP Coaching & Consulting—based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We provide women & minority-owned businesses the tools needed to build wealth, increase opportunities, and strengthen the communities in which they live. Our vision is to have an ecosystem that creates opportunities and supports women and minority individuals and businesses' empowerment.


We specialize in personal and professional development, business development, strategic planning, business resiliency, and disaster recovery. 


Weekly, I host the Momming, Surviving, and Thriving podcast that features the stories of women who've utilized various avenues to become more positive, wealthy, healthy, and thriving. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including financial independence, entrepreneurship, self-care, and all essential issues to help women create a more fabulous life for themselves as a mom, wife, and just simply as a woman! 


For 14 years, I was with TruFund, serving as the Director of Business Resiliency and Disaster Recovery, Managing Director for the Louisiana Offices, Technical Assistance Coordinator, and Program Manager of the Southeast Louisiana Fisheries Assistance Center. 


I left the corporate world to follow my dreams of supporting women, minorities, and businesses across the country. In the process, I wrote my first book, "Why Not Now: A Journey to Taking the Leap," as a reflection—and guide—for those wanting to overcome their fears and live a life in authentic alignment with their goals.


In addition to MPR Coaching & Consulting, hosting a podcast, and being an author—I am the co-owner of a dance school that has been operating for 12 years. I also assist with business operations for my family's restaurant that has been in operation for 80 years in New Orleans.


As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, I have the strategies to help those looking to grow personally and professionally.


It is the goal of my company and myself to continue to help develop not only our communities but also others—and that starts with you!


Your Time Is Now!

Go on on a powerful journey of strength, perseverance, and self-discovery. Through Myla's trials and tribulations and laughter and tears, she discovers valuable lessons that every woman can apply, either personally or professionally. 


This book is for those women who are asking themselves, "Is this it? Isn't there more to life? What happened to the person I used to be?"


Let's start this journey together—get a copy of "Why Not Now?: A Journey to Taking the Leap" and be inspired to ignite change in your life!

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