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Five Ways to Invest in Yourself

On a daily basis, I get questions such as, "How can I progress in my career? How can I progress as an entrepreneur? What can I do to move forward?"

The first step is to invest in yourself.

by Cindie Spiegel and saw a message that spoke to me, and I want to share:

"You are not your hardships. Difficult times do not define you. They develop your strength and hone in your resilience. Even in the worst of times, there's always a way forward. But first, you must decide you are more than your struggles. When you do, you will become wiser and more self-aware because of your experiences– not in spite of them. You'll also learn you are so much more than any of your difficulties."

I know that was something I needed to hear, so I hope you also found some inspiration.

I want to focus on a question related to this: "I have so much going on in my life. What do I do?"

My advice is to invest in yourself, which I narrow down to five important things I talk about with my clients when it comes to the topic.

Commit to Consistently Growing

Embrace that lifelong journey of learning. It's not good enough to be stagnant, especially if we want to invest in our careers or businesses. What it could look like for you is taking an online course, listening to a podcast on a certain topic, or reading a book daily that centers around your development and growth areas.

Constantly Seek Opportunities

Network and align yourself with individuals that understand you and your business and will be there to help you grow throughout your journey.

Set Intentional Goals

I mean, really set goals-it's not good enough just to write them down and forget about them for months. It is about doing three defining things that will help you put them into action:

  • Write down the benefit of you accomplishing those goals and the reason for them.

  • Put action steps behind those goals.

  • Choose a date to accomplish your goal so you can hold yourself accountable for getting it done

Embrace Discipline

This step can be hard because discipline is just that– hard! To help, create a schedule and routine that helps you to be more productive in your day and week.

Love Yourself

Take time for self-care. Even if it is just one day a week for one hour, don't skip out on that time for yourself.

Investing in yourself is for life; it doesn't just stop with these five steps. Be sure to join us at the MRP Commit to Thrive Brunch to dive into this topic with our community and gain some more inspiration. Get your ticket today!

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