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Are you Surviving or are you Thriving?

We all have a routine that we go through on a daily basis, and most times we don’t really think about it. Why? Because it is just a routine. A routine for most people would be to wake up, prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for school, pack lunches, drop the kids at school, go to work then pick the kids up, come home and make dinner. In the presence of normalcy, we often find ourselves just surviving instead of thriving. But I want to remind you that this is not how life is supposed to be.

We are meant to thrive. And thriving doesn’t just mean being able to bounce back from difficult situations. It also means living purposefully. Similarly to how plants and animals grow to fulfill their purpose, humans are meant to achieve greatness. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you always have the opportunity to bloom where you are planted and live a life of purpose and meaning. When you take advantage of it, the result is a ripple effect where you get to enjoy what you do, inspire others, and live life fully.

How do you ensure that you’re thriving and not just surviving?

  1. Renew belief in your ability to endure and prevail. Have a positive attitude and always have daily affirmations to say the minute you wake up. This will be a daily reminder that you are planted to be the best version of yourself.

  2. Always live up to your affirmations: if you affirm that you are the best at what you do, go out and start the day by being the very best you can be.

  3. Seek opportunities to grow on a daily basis. Whether it is in reading or practicing a new skill, always seek to be better than what you were the previous day. This way you will be able to thrive.

  4. Improve on your relationships: Having a strong bond whether it's with family or friends is a great way to grow and thrive in your daily activities. This is because having a solid support system enables you to go out, do better and stop at nothing until you achieve what you want to accomplish. They can also call you out and help you rectify areas where you are failing.

  5. Develop a satisfying philosophy in life. In short, Know your Why and always work towards achieving your why.

  6. Join a community meant for helping each other grow, fulfill their purpose, and thrive in life.

With that being said, how willing are you to keep working towards achieving your why? Life gives us only one chance and we have to make it count. If you are struggling with thriving, I encourage you to join our community of women who are out to thrive. We will walk together in this journey called life and get to thrive as Mompreneurs!

If you're ready to strengthen your current relationships with other women and create new ones with those looking to grow in a strong community—make sure to register for the Commit to Thrive: Women in Leadership Brunches! The first one is on Sep 17, 2022, at Dooky Chase's Restaurant in New Orleans.

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