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What are you currently trying to decide on? How to find clarity around your business.

When it comes to making decisions, clients usually ask for help figuring out what to do with their ideas—how to start them or how to take them to the next level, especially when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

We go through three steps to get clarity—brainstorming, the research process, and looking at resources that are currently available.

I use brainstorming—it's huge for me. One of the first things I do if there is a topic on my mind, I will do "mind mapping." Doing a brain dump of every idea that comes up with that certain topic/decision and taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of each.

I am a person where ideas come up for me all the time. Instead of hoping I can remember it, I try to get it down in a notes app or a voice memo–even when I'm walking or exercising. Did you know that you can also use hashtags in your own notes? Just use #membership, for example, and you can easily search and revisit it later!

The research process is looking into if others are doing what you want to do—is it similar or different? What makes you and your product different? What are their price points & market rates? Who are you marketing this to? Current clients or branching out to new people? I always tell them to look within their current circle and ask them for their input! Their insight can determine your next approach.

Once you're able to determine what you want and how to do it, it's time to figure out if there are resources that can help or support you—including people—along the way.

Deciding deadlines and strategies

You need to determine when you are trying to get your goal done and work backward from there. If your goal is to launch a book, for example, work backward as to what happens—editing, publishing, etc. You need to brainstorm all the elements that need to be completed and the individual steps that go into it. Start to put dates on those items in the planning & implementation process. Work with your schedule, too, so you can give yourself adequate timing!

While I encourage people to accomplish their goals, I don't want to push them past their abilities. Moving at realistic rates shows them what they're capable of and helps them stay on track!

Other tips to consider…

I always bring people back to their mission! Look at your 3-5 year vision. Does your final decision align with those values? Does what you're doing align with your mission, goals, and values?

Think about this: When I achieve my goals, what are the benefits of taking action and accomplishing them? This is looking at all the positive outputs that come from you following through with the goal!

Next, ask yourself—if I don't do this, then what? If I determined the benefits, then are the consequences of not accomplishing those things? Is there a Plan B? You can also determine how it will make you FEEL. Are those feelings that you feel happy or good? It's important to honor yourself and your feelings along the way and invest in your long-term happiness.

Next steps to finding clarity around your business

Ready to take action on your goals? Set up an inspiration meet-up to determine if you'll benefit from mentorship along your business journey from an industry expert! We all go further together—with the right person, you can find clarity and take action on your goals with support.

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