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The Importance of Affirmations for Women

No matter the circumstance in your life, what if there was something that could get you through it with confidence? That's why affirmations are important for women to incorporate into our daily routine! They can do just that.

Learn more about how affirmations shaped my early entrepreneurial journey, how they continue to be a part of my routine, and why you should start making them a habit in your own routine.

Starting Affirmations Even When It’s Uncomfortable

About two years ago, I started using affirmations—and I can say at first that it wasn't easy. At that time, I knew why people used them, but using them was uncomfortable initially because it required me to talk about myself and boldly use "I am" statements. At this time, I didn't talk about myself often; instead, I focused on praising and complimenting others, so giving that same energy to myself was hard at first.

I started using affirmations around when my dad passed, which was one of the most challenging times in my life. But, to look into the mirror and say, "you got this," was something that felt empowering. Eventually, I used it more throughout my day and would even have it be the last sentence I wrote at the end of my daily journal sessions.

From there, the affirmation would change based on what was going on in my life and made sense. For example, I saw "everything you have is within you,"—and I kept hearing it and seeing it. Because I'm big on signs, and this one was showing up so much, it was significant for me, and I started using it.

Those were the two I started with to get into the practice, and over time it picked me up, made me feel better, and motivated me on my journey—despite the hard time I had gone through.

My own perspective was shaped by using them, which is why I know other women can see the important benefits of affirmations over time by using them themselves.

Seeing the Results of Daily Affirmations

I used affirmations to help positively start my day and help me throughout it, and when I used them coupled with therapy, things started changing for me.

It didn't stop me from being sad about the loss of my father, but it did help with the feelings I had. And eventually, I started seeing myself being more positive throughout the days, and I started to journal more and channel my feelings, which helped.

Other affirmations came through by doing those actions over time, and I could apply them to the circumstances I was experiencing. No matter what I faced, there was something I would use to remind me of what I positively brought to the situation—which is why it’s important for all women to find the affirmation that brings them what they need on their own journeys.

Why Affirmations Benefit Women

Did you know that women struggle with imposter syndrome more than men? Women are typically more hard on themselves, and we must see our strength in all situations! If you can speak it—you can BE it.

You already have everything you need within you to succeed. We often try to look outside of ourselves to help us get to where we want to go, and we have everything we need, whether it's knowledge, drive, or skills.

I saw the importance of affirmations for women at the Commit to Thrive Retreat; there was a moment someone was trying to encourage another woman to say something positive about herself. This individual would say so many positive things and be kind to others but struggled to give the same kind of love to herself.

All of us should be able to scream from the mountaintops how confident we feel about ourselves—because the value you bring is genuine. If we think about ourselves positively and confidently and say these things out loud, it's easier for people to mirror that and treat us this way back.

The Value of Affirmations in Your Daily Routine

The importance of women using affirmations daily goes back to times when we always gave compliments and praise to others, but we forgot about ourselves. It's ok to say caring and loving things to yourself too! Many of us were raised to be humble, but nowadays, you need to be your biggest cheerleader and see and advocate for what YOU bring to the table.

It's up to you daily to see and celebrate your power!

Commit to Your Affirmations

Are you ready to put your words into action? If you’re ready to connect with like-minded women, want to start your entrepreneurship journey, or create a game plan for your career—there’s a community for you! Head to MRP Coaching & Consulting to learn about our resources for women expanding their personal and professional growth.

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