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Commit To Thrive Retreat Reflection

Why did you choose to host this retreat? What was your purpose or reasoning for this?

My one-year business anniversary was approaching, and I wanted to do something big! In my heart, I knew MRP and Momming, Surviving, and Thriving would significantly impact others. Including those who have been there since the launch and along the journey was especially important too!

One goal was to bring women together so they knew they could do it too! I took the leap and wanted to show others they could, whether it's into entrepreneurship, scaling their business, launching a side hustle, and more. We aimed to create a space where women grow their network and connections and educate them on the possibilities that can happen—while they center themselves, develop themselves, and discover how they can think forward for the future.

We had individuals make huge connections, and everyone walked out of there with something that could potentially skyrocket their business and life! This event helped women recognize their worth and how they can uniquely contribute to their communities in a special way.

What was the highlight of the event for you?

Brunch was special because individuals opened up and shared how the event impacted them. You always hope people take something away and never know until it happens. It was great to hear how the event changed their lives for the better and educated them on their path toward being happy, healthy, wealthy, and thriving!

It's also inspiring to see so many of the women now working together! People left there with new clients, collaborations, speaking engagements, and more.

What was your favorite moment or experience of the event?

There was definitely more than one!

Something special was seeing how one individual blossomed from day one to day four. On day one, she was shy and quiet; by day four, she was dancing, laughing, and creating strong connections. She truly opened up, and you saw her transformation!

Another moment was when Tiffany was hosting the "Your Perception is Your Reality: Manifesting the Life You Deservesession" session, and she turned it back on me! She brought me up front and showed the room my featured spread in a national magazine, bringing everything full circle for me.

I did an exercise at the launch of my business where I wrote that down as a goal and felt like I manifested it! I didn't realize that until Tiffany showed everyone. At that moment, I realized, "Wow, this came to fruition. I put it out there, and it happened!"

How would you rate the venue and the location of the retreat? Why did you choose that location?

10/10! I chose to have our first retreat in New Orleans to dedicate it to where it started, in my hometown. I also wanted to reach the people who helped me along the way.

I chose the location as a recommendation, and when I saw the space, I knew it was the right fit. I love art, and the decor and whole vibe I fell in love with. The staff was great and accommodating too!

The hotel was centrally located and had an amazing rooftop, and each room was vibrant and spoke to me. I was sold on this being the venue, and it did not disappoint!

Can you identify some of your key takeaways from the sessions?

From Tiffany Williams, I was inspired by her question, "What is your one thing?" That was key and showed everyone you don't have to be all over the place! It's about finding that ONE thing can create multiple streams of income.

Casey Ferrand also showed us that everyone has a story and the value of authentically being you and sharing it!

What I liked about all of the speakers was that they could relate to everyone. They were open to telling their story and how different instances and events in their lives have shaped them—each speaker connected to the audience in some way and was vulnerable and motivating.

What topics do you think you can add to next year’s event and why?

I will definitely add a session on real estate. Everyone wanted to know about multiple income streams, and real estate is a great way to do that.

Also, going deeper into self-care methods and how by taking care of yourself, you can take care of others—even with the business side of things too.

For those taking the leap into entrepreneurship, including a session on how to get started and correctly build the foundation of your business and ways to get funding for your business/opportunity is something else I look forward to adding.

We know brunch was a huge success! Do you have plans to do more one-off events like that?

I do! Because of feedback, I plan to do quarterly or day sessions focusing on key concepts from the retreat, such as; how to support one another, how to support women/black-owned businesses, self-care/self-preservation, business foundations, and resources. I know these will help women continue their growth and help take their goals to the next level!

How did the event influence your perception of your company?

Honestly, it solidified that I made the right decision by taking the leap. At times you may second guess yourself (I don't have that often) and have imposter syndrome. It solidifies my focus on supporting minority women as they continue their journey to being executives/business owners in this day and age.

I just came from an event, and several women from the retreat gave me a shout-out! I saw the lasting impact on my community and made the right choice.

Why are retreats like this important to women in business?

Retreats, like Commit To Thrive, give you a safe space to talk about issues you're having in your business that you can't always talk about because others aren't experiencing the same thing.

They also give women time to think about themselves and focus on themselves as they grow and advance.

Overall, it's a time and space for women to work on their businesses and themselves as well! Rediscovering, reimagining, redefining You.

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